Does this pic I made my husband take in my parents' backyard make me look like a legit blogger? 

Here's my deal:

My name is McKay, and I am a 20-something writer of things that make my soul feel good. I am the wife of a charming and hilarious youth pastor named Kenny and a dog-mom to our playful Shiba Inu, Ranger. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Religion, which was a journey for both my mind and my heart. I live in Tampa, Florida, and I’m not sure what I would do without the constant sunshine. I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, coffee, and all things vintage. I strive to live a life of loving God and loving people.

Why a blog?

Thanks for asking.

Here's the Cliff notes version:

I learned a lot of things about God as a teenager and was inspired to pursue a life in ministry. I desperately wanted to please God, so I tried to learn all that I could to live a life that followed his rules. 

In the next few years, I went through a massive process of unraveling many things I had been taught about God and what it meant to live a Christian life--things that fostered fear, judgment, and a toxic perfectionism. While I had followed the rules really well, I needed to learn how to follow Jesus. It turned out that they weren't always one and the same.

After getting to know him all over again, I have found that my rewoven beliefs about God have brought freedom, healing, and deeper, truer love to my life, my relationships, and my understanding of the world. I believe an evolving faith--one that moves, stretches, questions, and grows--is not only healthy, but essential for the life I hope to live. this space, I write about evolving faith and where I see God moving. Especially when He surprises me.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.





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